Can You Eat Raw Potatoes?

Raw fruits and veggies are healthiest. Does it apply to all produce? Raw foods aren't always safe or tasty. We love potato dishes, but what if we're short on time? 

Yes, but you shouldn't. Raw potatoes taste starchy and harsh. They're frequently baked, fried, boiled, or roasted.
Raw potatoes are unhealthy and taste bad.

Raw potatoes contain health-harming chemicals. You'd need to consume a lot of raw potatoes to have problems.

Potatoes contain harmful glycoalkaloids. Green potatoes include solanine and chaconine.

Raw potatoes contain anti-nutrient lectins. Antinutrients decrease our capacity to assimilate beneficial nutrients. Cooking reduces lectin content by 50-60%.

Raw potatoes contain resistant starch, which the body can't digest. Resistant starch serves as a prebiotic and increases intestinal gas. Gas, bloating, and stomach distress result.

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