Burger King will rebrand for $400 million. Here's what's changing

Burger King wants to become one of the most popular fast food companies in the US, reports Business Insider.

Burger King has been working on its branding and image for years, but its current rebranding drive has caught the restaurant industry by storm due to its money and scope.

Burger King will spend $400 million over two years on 'Reclaim the Flame' $150 million would be spent on advertising and digital expenditures, while $250 million would be spent

on restaurant equipment, remodels, and shop relocations.
We believe now is the time to make a significant investment

 to accelerate the work given the quality of the team, focus of the plan, and commitment of our Franchisees.

Burger King wants to reposition their flame-grilled Whopper with premium branding. They're also establishing a chicken sandwich portfolio.

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