Burger King is dropping a classic, and fans are mad

There's a considerable difference between a retailer running out of your favourite items and learning they've been discontinued. If you substitute sadness with anything else,

it won't be the same. Sometimes you'll adore the new option, but it won't replace the original.

Burger King's menu is popular. Sometimes it presents stuff you adore, then takes them away like a sadist. Usually, the chain will add "limited time" to advertising materials to let you

know something is transitory. Burger King occasionally replaces permanent menu items with better ones.

Burger King removed sundaes, whipped topping, and chocolate milk in February (per Business Insider). It eliminated discounts and the Whopper from the bargain menu.

Business Insider said the adjustments were due to inflation, but the chicken sandwich is also changing, and fans aren't thrilled.

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