Bobby Flay Opens Up About Girlfriend Christina Perez

Bobby Flay is gushing about his girlfriend. Earlier this month, ET's Rachel Smith spoke to Bobby and his daughter, Sophie Flay, at Barbuto in New York City

"They’re going great. I'm a very, very lucky person," Bobby said. "Christina, she's just a light in my life.

She's so sweet. She's so smart. She just enhances everything that I'm able to participate in with her. I mean, she's fantastic."

Though things are going well for the couple, Bobby isn't currently thinking about popping the question to his girlfriend of more than a year.

"I've done it a lot. I've practiced that a lot," the thrice-married chef joked of matrimony. "For now, I like it exactly the way it is. I think Christina does too."

Even if a walk down the aisle isn't imminent, Bobby is thrilled to have Christina in his life -- and Sophie is a fan of the writer too.

"Sophie and Christina have a great relationship, which obviously that's an amazing thing too," Bobby told ET.

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