Blondie set to release extensive box set

NEW YORK For many years, a New Wave gold mine sat in a changed over stable. For enthusiasts of the band Blondie, it was what could be compared to the Ark of the Covenant concealed.

Inside the structure right external Woodstock, New York, were 100 reel-to-reel tapes, about six tapes, a couple of capacity tubs packed with records, flyers and, surprisingly.

The take chronicled the ascent of Debbie Harry and Co. as they took a stab at many styles, from reggae and rap to shake,

 including punk, 1960s young lady bunch pop and disco. The reserve was not doing so great, however encouraging.

"At the point when we previously strolled in, I realize that something planned to emerge from it," said Ken Shipley

a maker who works in uncovering valuable lost sounds as a component of the Numero Group.

It just appeared to me that there would have been no deficiency of materials for us to figure out."

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