Best beer mixes

Hot sauce was added to beer in the 1940s. The name is a mixture of "mi" for mine, "chelada" for beer, and "helada" for cold or frost (via Tails of the Cocktail). This means "my cold beer."

Luxurious beer. Black Velvet, a 160-year-old drink, is made by adding Champagne to stout. London bartender 1861 (via MasterClass). Queen Victoria's beloved husband, Prince Albert, died. 

cider.This cocktail mixes stout and strong cider. Urban tales about the drink's legality claim it makes you drunk quicker.Relax. this drink is as safe as beer or cider.

Want to make your beer more refreshing? Shady? This 19th-century cocktail was called a shandygaff. Merriam-Webster doesn't know what shandygraff means or where it came from. 

The mix of beer and orange juice makes a simple but excellent drink. It's excellent for individuals who don't like champagne but still want bubbles with breakfast.

Mixing beer and tequila seems like a fraternity nightmare. Feeling the hangover? It works in a margarita riff. The lagerita combines lager tequila, orange liqueur, and lime juice.

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