Baker Mayfield Sounds Off On Game: NFL World Reacts

Baker Mayfield's first season with the Carolina Panthers kicked off with a heartbreaking loss to his former team, the Cleveland Browns. 

Shortly after the Week 1 loss, Mayfield said too many people tried to make the Browns-Panthers game bigger than what it was. 

Everybody made this out to the Super Bowl, but despite what everyone is going to make this, there are 16 more games,” Mayfield said.

“The Super Bowl is not until February and this is the beginning of September.

There was a lot of anticipation, but we’re going to flush this and learn from it and be better from it.”NFL fans find this comment from Mayfield to be very hypocritical. 

One fan tweeted, "Isn't this the same guy that had the speciality T-shirts made?"

Another fan wrote, "What the loser of those types of games always says."

Mayfield finished the Panthers' season opener with 235 passing yards, one touchdown and an interception. 

Not only did Mayfield struggle with fumbles in Week 1, he had multiple passes batted down at the line of scrimmage. 

The Panthers would like to see a better performance from Mayfield in Week 2 against the New York Giants.