Disgusted Ariana Grande Fans Say She Was 'Sexualized' as Nickelodeon Teen

Nickelodeon has been making headlines in recent weeks with the release of Jennette McCurdy's tell-all memoir and the spotlight has also been turned on her former co-star, Ariana Grande.

The pop superstar rose to fame on the network playing Cat Valentine in both Victorious and Sam & Cat, created by Dan Schneider, but looking back, fans say that the then-teenager was "sexualized and infantilized" in the role.

In McCurdy's book, titled I'm Glad My Mom Died, she details ​​the abuse she suffered at the hands of her late mother and the now 30-year-old also included allegations of on-set exploitation by Nickelodeon and a figure she refers to as "The Creator."

Social media has been awash with fans expressing their shock at McCurdy's treatment while she played Sam Puckett on iCarly and now many are saying that Grande was similarly exploited.

"Everyone keeps bringing Ariana Grande for stan drama against Jennette and I don't know why.

Let's not forget, Ariana is a victim herself from the creepiness of Dan Schneider," the viral tweet reads, along with the compilation of clips.

"This is why she doesn't talk about the role of Cat Valentine anymore. They sexualized and infantilized her."

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