Antonio Brown takes dig at Tom Brady

Former New England Patriots collector Antonio Brown was once again involved in another virtual venting entertainment gathering.

This time, reference was made to his previous colleague, quarterback Tom Brady, and Brady's longtime mentor, Alex Guerrero.

Brown opened by stepping in to "beat" Guerrero. He then blames Brady for "controlling the game" by going home for educational course days.

The previous longtime Patriots quarterback, currently quarterback for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, took time for the instructional course to handle a "personal" matter with Bucs mentor Todd Bowles.

Brown tweeted: "Alex Guerra, you understand I won't feed you TB12, honey, just stop playing with me!

Alex Guerra You think I won't let the TB12 Kid play with me! The child will be reimbursed Rs. n players also accept cash.

Brown wrote: "Tom Brady returns home for 14 days for the control game, his psyche rt haha ​​now you see that distinction."

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