Andrew Tate responds to KSI U-turn on fight with controversial ex-kickboxer

Andrew Tate has accused KSI of running scared after the social media star U-turned on a potential boxing fight.

KSI - real name JJ Olatunji - called out the controversial ex-kickboxer following his return to the ring last month.

KSI stopped first Swarmz and then professional fighter Luis Pineda on the same night in his first fights for three years.

He included Tate, a former kickboxing world champion, in a list of potential opponents, but has now claimed the 35-year-old is "too big"

and has ruled out facing him when he returns to the ring in January. Tate weighed in at around 95kg during his career in the ring, considerably heavier than the 80kg KSI scaled last month.

But while catchweight bouts are common in influencer boxing, KSI appears to have moved on after naming former UFC welterweight champion Tyron Woodley,

Bellator MMA fighter Dillon Danis, YouTube knockout artist Slim Albaher and 1-0 YouTube boxer Dr Mike Varshavski as potential opponents.

In response, Tate told Mirror Fighting : "Look at his last fights... he doesn't want a real fight. He wants to make money off his fans, scam them all and waste everybody's time.

 He knows with me it's a real fight, why take a real fight when he can beat up idiots for millions?

He's not interested in a real fight; that's why he doesn't want to fight me, because he'll get hurt badly, for one, and two, all of his bulls***

 would be over when he can continue to fight trash cans for cash. It doesn't make sense for him to fight me.

"I'm realistic and I know why's he's saying what he's saying. It doesn't make any sense for him to fight me. He'd get destroyed and the game would be over.

 Why not just beat up idiots and sell it to YouTubers? Fair play, he's making a ton of money, I've nothing against the guy.

He spoke a bunch of s*** about me getting banned but he's just afraid of getting cancelled."