Amazon shuts down US solar roofs due to flames

Recent fires at Amazon fulfilment centres and other locations caused the e-commerce giant to shut down rooftop solar panels.

"Out of an abundance of caution, after a limited number of isolated occurrences with third-party solar systems, 

Amazon proactively switched down its onsite solar installations in North America," an Amazon spokeswoman told Fox Business on Sunday.

Amazon had "critical fire or arc flash occurrences" at six North American locations with solar systems, or 12.7% of all relevant facilities, CNBC reported.

Amazon employee: "Rate of risky occurrences is unacceptable and beyond industry standards"

In June 2021, a warehouse fire in Perryville, Maryland, caused $500,000 in damages. The State Fire Marshall said the cause was "accidental" and included "a solar panel system incident."

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