After Ethereum's 'Merge,' Bitcoin's Price May Crash

Independent researcher Kyle McDonald believes that if the Bitcoin network is "regulated away," the price of bitcoin would plummet.

He suggests making a bitcoin trade right now. Investors and regulators may come to the conclusion that the energy-intensive method that Bitcoin and Ethereum currently use, called "proof-of-work,"

 is unnecessary once the Ethereum blockchain switches to a significantly less energy-intensive method of validating transactions, known as "proof-of-stake."

The "climate problem" and Bitcoin's enormous energy use were two of the topics that McDonald discussed on Friday's episode of "First Mover" on CoinDesk TV.

McDonald predicts bitcoin's value will never exceed $69,000 due to growing concern among environmentalists and governments about the industry's excessive energy needs. 

Ethereum's potential to reduce energy expenditures by 99.5% was deemed "very plausible" by McDonald.

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