According to reports, Tom Brady is still troubled by a personal matter

Right now, Tom Brady seems to be struggling with it.The seven-time Super Bowl champion addressed just briefly about his 11-day absence from the club during yesterday's press conference.

However, one Bucs writer thinks that whatever TB12 is facing is "unresolved."Rick Stroud tweeted, "The reason Tom Brady needed to walk away still is unknown, but doesn't look resolved. 

"That much was abundantly obvious in his thoughtful post-game speech. He continues to be plagued by an unrelated issue."

Brady didn't speak much about the reasons he had to leave. stating to reporters:It's all about you. Everybody is coping with a distinct set of circumstances.

Each of us has quite distinct obstacles in life. Man, I'm 45 years old. Lots of [expletive] is going on. Just have to do your best to navigate life. It is an ongoing process.

Nevertheless, Brady claims that this season, he "feels terrific" and is "ready to play."