A Son Remembers Butch Lindleys Tragic Death in NASCAR

Mardy Lindley was 12 years old when he answered the telephone in his Greenville, S.C. home late in the evening April 13, 1985.

A long-time Lindley family friend was calling from Bradenton, Fla., where Mardy’s dad, Butch, had competed in a late model race that night.

The news, as the rest of the Lindley family would discover soon, was bad.

Butch Lindley considered one of the best short-track stock car racers in the country, had been seriously hurt in a single-car accident at DeSoto Speedway.

Mardy, his mother Joan and several other family members flew on a private plane to the Bradenton area later that night.

Doctors hinted that he might not live through the night.

Butch Lindley would never race again. He remained in a coma for five years and two months after the accident, dying of pneumonia June 6, 1990.

Obviously, the Lindley family was shattered. Joan, Mardy and others had been by Butch’s bedside through much of the struggle.

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