A lady stopped at Las Vegas airport said she must be'so pretty'

The arrest of a 28-year-old woman at the Las Vegas airport was reported by 8 News Now last week.

Apparently, she informed police it was all due to the fact that she was "beautiful looking."

After allegedly failing to pay her meal bill, the lady is now being investigated for airport misbehaviour.

According to a police record acquired by local media, a 28-year-old lady was detained last week on suspicion of not paying her share of a restaurant bill.

According to 8 News Now, Hend Bustami said police officers harassed her because they "had never seen somebody as beautiful looking" as her before her detention.

According to the news source, Bustami is being charged with breaking airport behaviour after she allegedly skipped out on the bill at the Chili's at Harry Reid International Airport.

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