A hot streak has ‘Grandpa’ Pujols chasing 700 homers

Albert Pujols’ dream of reaching 700 career home runs has hardly been a secret.

Even as his career faded badly with the Los Angeles Angels, and any hope of topping Barry Bonds for the career record was snuffed out entirely

A stint with the Los Angeles Dodgers at the end of last season rekindled something inside Pujols, who seemed to be enjoying life in baseball for the first time in years.

And a return to St. Louis for one final run with the Cardinals carried those good vibes forward into this season.

“I’m the grandpa in this clubhouse,” Pujols said recently. “I’m having a great time.”

But on July 4, any hope of reaching 700 seemed to have run out. An 0-for-2 performance against Atlanta that day lowered his batting average for the season to .189.

He had only four home runs through 82 team games, leaving him at 683 for his career.

Dodgers shut out in 4-0 loss

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