A crypto company sends a woman a refund of $10.5 million rather than the $100 she requested

Most people on the earth have entertained this idea at some point. Imagine that one day you went to check the amount in your bank account 

and found that you had received a deposit of millions of dollars. With the money, what would you buy?

Would you try to hide it in other accounts, give it away, go on a big spending spree, or report it to the police? 

When $10.5 million suddenly appeared in one Australian woman's account last year, she was forced to divide the money.

Here is what she actually did with the money and what happened thereafter.

Thevamanogari Manivel, a resident of Melbourne, Australia, was expecting to get a $100 refund from Singaporean cryptocurrency trading platform Crypto.com. 

 However, someone unintentionally entered her account number rather than the actual amount. In May 2021, she had a stunning $10.5 million in her bank account.

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