A bareknuckle fighter celebrated a knockout win by lifting her top

Tai Emery's victory celebration on Saturday made headlines.At a Bangkok event, the bare-knuckle debutante lifted her top to flaunt the audience.

After winning the Bare Knuckle Fighting Championship on Saturday, Tai Emery flashed an unaware crowd, which resulted in countless headlines.

When Emery lowered her top, a BKFC analyst can be heard stating, "Interesting celebration there." Never saw that one before.

At the BKFC event in Bangkok, Emery, who had never before engaged in bare knuckle combat, defeated Rung-Arun Khunchai via first-round knockout.

Emery's evident power advantage allowed her to defeat Khunchai early on. She unleashed a right uppercut and left hook combo combination that felled and stopped Khunchai.

Emery had previously participated in an amateur MMA battle, despite having no expertise in bare knuckle fighting.

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