4 Best Foods for High Blood Sugar

This versatile, cruciferous vegetable may be your ticket to keeping your blood sugar intact.

A great breakfast staple, post-workout snack, or anything in between, eggs are a high-protein food that won't affect your high blood sugar.

Eggs are a protein food that has close to no carbs," says Amidor. "Therefore, they will have a minimal effect on your blood sugar."

Although whole grains do contain carbs, they also provide fiber," says Amidor. "Fiber slows down how quickly it's absorbed into the blood

This means that once the brown rice is broken down to glucose, it will slowly be absorbed into the blood, therefore helping to minimize any blood sugar spikes

Tofu and soybeans (like edamame) contain minimal carbs and as such do not cause spikes in blood sugar," says Amidor.

The Effect of Eggs on Your Cholesterol

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