2022 MLB rule revisions

Baseball returns! As spring training begins and the lead-up to the regular season heats up, baseball fans worldwide feel this way. The CBA negotiation was excruciating to watch

UDH.I dislike this regulation change, but I'm in the minority. National League style of play demanded more strategy, planning, and bench players.

Postseason expanded.The beauty of baseball's 162-game slog is that the best clubs make the playoffs. Baseball has the longest schedule and smallest playoffs, so I'm not sure about increasing it. 

This CBA provision is welcome. The prior two seasons' seven-inning doubleheaders have been eliminated to save stadium time. The "Manfred" runner on second in extra innings will end after 2022.

Jacob Nottingham isn't a household name, but he has a rule! The catcher/first baseman spent much of the season going back and forth between Seattle and Milwaukee. 

The players believed this was crucial to preventing tanking during CBA negotiations. Starting in 2023, the first six choices will be selected by a lottery. All 18 non-playoff clubs will be eligible. 

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