Print Free Ordination Certificate Templates – Minister & Deacon

You may have thought about how to obtain an ordination certificate without investing a significant amount of money or time.

Print-free ordination certificate templates for ministers and deacons solve this problem by offering an easy and customizable solution.

Suppose being able to officiate weddings, baptisms, or funerals with a certificate that is not only valid but also a great look.

Certificate of Ordination Example

Ordination Certificate Templates

A suitable Ordination certificate template can simplify the task of organizing your official documents.

You don’t have to spend a fortune to get a professional-looking certificate.

And if you prefer a tangible copy, you can opt for a printable ordination certificate.

Allowing you to download and print it instantly.

Now you have valid proof of ordination without the hassle of designing one from scratch.

Certificate of Ordination for Bishop
Certificate of Ordination for Bishop
Certificate of Ordination for Deaconess
Certificate Of Ordination Sample
Certificate Of Ordination Sample
Free Pastor Ordination Certificate Templates

Ordination Certificate For Minister & Deacon

Once you’re ordained, you’ll have the authority to perform ceremonies.

Many ordination programs make it easy for anyone to get ordained, regardless of their background or faith.

To get started, simply choose an ordination service, fill out the necessary forms, and receive your certificate.

This certificate serves as proof of your status and allows you to legally preside over important life events.

Whether you’re called to ministry or just want to officiate a friend’s wedding, an ordination certificate is your first step.

free Printable ordination certificate template
free Printable ordination certificate
free Printable ordination certificate
Minister Ordination Certificate templates
Ordination Certificate Templates
Ordination Certificate Templates
Printable Deacon Ordination Certificate Template
Printable Deacon Ordination Certificate Template
Printable ordination certificate
Printable Pastor Ordination Certificate Template
Printable Pastor Ordination Certificate Template

Benefits of Being Ordained

  1. You’ll gain respect and integrity within your community, often deepening your commitment to your vocation and enhancing your relationship with a higher power.
  2. You’ll also have the opportunity to bless others, providing immense personal satisfaction.
  3. Moreover, being ordained gives you a unique professional status and opens doors to various opportunities.
  4. You can start your congregation, engage in missionary work, or provide pastoral care.


Getting a beautiful ordination certificate is incredibly easy!

Don’t waste time anymore jump into the future of ordination with these magical, hassle-free templates.

It’s like having a printing press at your fingertips!

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